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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hostas and stuff

Good morning from a cool Lansing. Currently 56 with a high today of only 60 with scattered showers. But it's looking good for the big 4th of July weekend! Mid to upper 70's!
Yesterday Craig finished with weeding the rock garden and made a batch of Freezer Slaw. It's a type of coleslaw, but with a vinegar/sugar base instead of a creamy base.
I finally cleaned the last bike wheel, they all look so shiny now. Sorted pots that people have been dropping off for next years plant sale, cleaned leaves and such from the mo-ho gutters, washed the mo-ho, and waxed the front and part of one side. Waxing the front a lot sure helps with removing the bug guts from trips.
And we almost bought an ice maker for the mo-ho. They had a portable one on sale at Target for $109.00 Way cheaper than the $169 we've seen it elsewhere. We had it in the cart and on our way to the cashier, when we turned around and put it back. Just didn't feel we could justify the cost for just a dozen trips or so a year. And we have an ice maker at home, so I just bag up some ahead of time to take with us.
But now on to the Hostas!
A group of dwarf Hostas,
3 types of Hostas around a tree.

A Hosta called 'Stained Glass'.
The leaves on this one curl and pucker.

These 2 have very light leaf color. Look real good in the shade!

Another dwarf Hosta, blue with a nearly white edge.

And a group of 'Blue Angel' Hostas. These are giant Hostas, getting nearly 4ft tall and 5ft wide.

I have some 40 to 50 Hostas. You can see the rest in my webshot album.


  1. Craig's Freezer Slaw sounds like what we here call "pepper cabbage" to distinguish it from coleslaw.

  2. I'll trade your high of 60 for our high of 95. The hostas are nice, I especially like 'Stained Glass'.

  3. Wayne, is that some type of ground cover under the blue angels?--Randy

  4. I love hostas. They look so good with other flowers....bright or white flowers....against them.

  5. I continue to be impressed by and a little jealous of your gardening skills. Your hard work pays off and makes your summer yard look fabulous!