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Thursday, June 11, 2009

plumbing emergency

It has not been a good morning.
I got up at my usual 5-5:30am time, and was sitting at the dining room table doing bookwork, when I heard water trickling. It was coming from a large closet next to the dining room. Are house sits on a cement slab, so the furnace and water heater are in this large closet. Well, the water heater was leaking! Thank goodnes there is a drain in the room! So I turned the burner off, and tried to turn the water supply off, but no good. It just spun and wouldn't stop the water. So I had to turn off the whole house. I thought, well, we can use the mo-ho for showers. So I turned the water back on and hooked the hose to the mo-ho, and filled the fresh water tank. And also turned on the mo-ho water heater. Then turned the house water off, rolled up the hose, and checked the mo-ho water to make sure the heater was working and it was. We have a pump the keeps the mo-ho water system pressurized, and about 15 sec after I turned the water off, the pump came on for a few seconds and switched off. It did it again, and again. You know what that means, a leak! So I looked under the sinks and saw nothing, went out side and opened the water access door, and the outside faucet was dribbling. Whew! I found it! just needed to turn the handles a little tighter. and when I did, the right one broke right off spewing water all over me! I ran inside to turn off the pump. I assessed the situation. I needed to replace the faucet. It was now nearly 7am, and I had to be to work at 8:30. So off I ran to Home Depot to get another faucet. Got home and disassembled the old, and put in the new, and then turned on the pump. It pressurized, turned off, and stayed off. Yay! But now I needed to shower and get Craig up and get to work. I woke him up and said, 'I've got bad news, and good news, and then more bad news, but also more good news'. He was not amused. But I explained, better to have the water heater go out while we're home than on a camping trip. And better for the outside faucet to break at home than on a camping trip. So after I got to work, I called a plumber and tried to schedule a replacement. We ended up doing it this afternoon, as they were completely book for tomorrow, and I didn't want to wait till next Monday. I had to move a few customers, but all were very understanding when I told them I had a 'plumbing emergency'. That's why I'm here writing this now. They are currently working on the replacement. Hopefully they'll be done in the time frame quoted, as I need to go back to work.
This is not another bill we needed right now. But then, is there ever a 'good' time?

ps, here's an update.
They get the water heater installed, and asked me to turn the water back on to check for leaks. All of a sudden, the handle just spins. It's broke and now also needs to be replaced. ouch!


  1. Plumbing is the very work of the devil himself!

  2. We've had to call a repairman twice during the last month. Our dishwasher was leaking and it turns out we'll have to buy a new one. Last week, we discovered the refrigerator was leaking! Fortunately, it was just the hose to the water supply and it had to be replaced. Still, they charge $75 just to come out and look, so it is not fun.

  3. Holy crap. That sucks. I look at the furnace and water heater from time to time and just wonder.....because you know it's going to you've already found out. Ugh.