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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

pretty pics and a rant

And more pics of my yard. First up my Sedum garden between the path and the pond. Sedum loves the heat and dry soil. I have about a dozen different varieties planted here.

A Red Wiegelia behind a White Potentilla, and below, next to a Blue Cranesbil and Pink Dianthus.

And this was the project I worked on this morning. I edged the sidewalk, and trimmed back the bushes. We have Little Princess Spirea in front of the house with Blue Cadet Hostas, another variegated Hosta, and a couple of ornamental Grasses.
We also took the mo-ho in for repairs. We still don't have tail lights, and traced it to the mo-ho wiring. And since I'm not very good with that stuff, we took it to Dennis RV, where they've been very reasonable in the past.
In other news.........
Our health insurance went up $71.00 a month each! We are now paying for the both of us $986.00 a month for heath insurance! When will the madness stop! I think we should just cancel it and take our chances. Just put the money in the bank. But Craig thinks as soon as we cancel it, something will happen.
I'm thinking, a THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH? And we don't even have Dental, Vision, or Prescription! I don't know, I feel we are insured to death! House ins. life ins. health ins. car ins. It doesn't end!
Am I the only one who feels this way?


  1. Anonymous8:08 AM

    No you're not the only one. They do have some sort of health savings account at a lot of banks and credit unions. You could consider looking into that.

    But I do understand Craig's point, too.



  2. Wayne,
    Jamie was recently in the hospital for three hours and we got a bill for $9000.00. Our neighbor across the street was recently taken to the ER for severe indigestion and was released about three hours later to to the tune of $15,000.00 in hospital bills (she has no insurance) A recent TWO day stay for my father was almost $30,000.00. My point is, a thousand dollars a month sounds like a lot of money until the hospital bills start to roll in. I agree, it's rediculous hospital insurance is so much, but you could lose everthing without it. At todays prices one major surgery could take your business and home.

  3. Both the insurance costs and the medical costs are out of control. There is no force to rein them in and cause them to be accountable, so they are able to charge whatever. And do not get me started on their incompetence. Just yesterday, I had a conversation with our primary care folks in which I had to remind them of very simple instructions that I had given them just a week ago.

    As for costs, we are paying near $850 per month for the two of us with a $1K deductible for most any procedure.