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Thursday, June 04, 2009

A quickie

Just a quickie......
I've been crazy busy with the final details of the plant sale. Besides working in the Salon this week, I've arranged all the plants by Sun, part sun, and shade. I also priced all 340 plants, and have made pics of the flowers they'll have when they bloom. I then glued all the pics to stakes, and put a Ziploc bag on each one in case of rain. tomorrow, after mowing the yard, I'll put the pics on all the pots. And I'm also trying to finish up the weeding so the yard looks decent for the sale.
But here's a few more pics of whats blooming right now....

A Cranesbil in front, then Spiderwort, and a Wiegelia.
Lupine, Peony, and Rannulus.

Rhododendrons in the background with Perscaria floating in front.

And the plants for my sale arranged in rows from the ferns all the way to the truck!
Now I'm off to work!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, I'm impressed. I wish I had the patience to do this. I could surely use the extra money. Good luck on your sale!