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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

more daylilies

Here's some more of the nearly 50 daylilies I have blooming in the garden right now. The garden is in full bloom. Nearly 3 Weeks later than usual due to our incessantly cooler than normal weather.

And we had the roof top heating/air conditioning unit at work serviced, and the heating unit is toast. But the air still works fine. Hopefully the landlord will replace it at no cost to us. We'll see.

And I'm actually typing this while Craig is watching some lame comedy on TV. But soon, Wipe out will be on! It is hilarious! Followed by a more hilarious, I Survived a Japanese Game Show!

If you haven't seen them, check em out! After a long day at work, mindless entertainment is the norm for us.


  1. You have some beautiful daylilies - we used to have quite a number but I've given many of them away because they don't get enough sun in our garden anymore.

  2. That double is gorgeous! I can see I'm developing a liking to them over the others.--Randy

  3. I too, love WipeOut...very funny show.