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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Another beautiful if cool day in Lansing. It's been sunny and mild the last few days, and I've gotten a lot of yard work done. Even though my yard is filled with perennials, there still is a lot of maintenance. Weeds to be pulled and dead flowers to be cut back. Bushes need trimming, and grass cut. I've also cleaned up the mo-ho for the next trip.
We've been grilling our meals the last few days. Marinated Pork Roast on Sunday, which was so good we used the same kind of marinade for a Turkey Breast yesterday. And served with a Macaroni Salad Craig whipped up. Yummy!
And I think we've decided on a different health insurance policy. To bring our total premium of $985.00 a month down to $756.00 a month. We're upping our deductible and co-pay to a combined $5000.00. And of course, no dental, optical, or prescription coverage with that.
And here's a pic of my Sedum garden.

This area is between the pond and a gravel path, so it just bakes in the sun, but Sedum loves dry soil and it does extremely well here. I have around a dozen varieties.


  1. It looks like from the picture you are still have daylily blooms. I miss them down here.--Randy

  2. Do you have pics of the rest of the garden? From that shot it looks amazing.