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Sunday, July 12, 2009

temps, tech tip, and talk

Good morning from a sunny cool Lansing. It's currently a cool 54 out. Going for a high of 75. A beautiful June day.......wait, isn't this July? Where's the heat? I'm really beginning to think this global warming is a bunch of bull. We had a long colder than normal winter, a long cold wet spring, and now we're having a cool summer so far. Projected high tomorrow? 71.
But enough of that. I just got back from cleaning the Salon, and have spent the last couple of evening cleaning up my puter. First, I went through and deleted tons of stuff I no longer needed. The more you have on your puter, the slower it gets. Then I defraged the hard drive 4 times. 1 time won't get everything back in order. Then finally I used ccleaner . If you've never used it, give it a try, it really finds a ton of gunk! Just make sure you carefully check what you want deleted. And now this old puter (2002 running XP) is just zipping along like new!
And now for your viewing pleasure, some daylilies currently blooming in the gardens.


  1. I will check out your tip!

  2. Beautiful flowers!

  3. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Hey Wayne, have you ever considered, opening a second, floral shop? Seems you have a missed calling there....
    Ken from Tampa

  4. LOL- I sure did miss this one! What beautiful blooms! That double sure is gorgeous.--Randy