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Sunday, July 26, 2009

repairs and flowers

So here it is, Sunday afternoon. I cleaned the salon this morning as usual, and after Craig got up, we turned the mo-ho around and backed it into the driveway. I'm taking it in to the RV dealer tomorrow for some work. We're having a problem with the flush mechanism on the mo-ho toilet. It has a lever at the side of the toilet, and when you push to flush, the water doesn't stop running when you release. John had me do a few things to try and fix it, but no good. But I like Dennis RV. They have always been very good at fixing things and very reasonable in price.
And Craig is taking in his PT Crusier for possible new shocks. The bad roads in Michigan I think have destroyed them. So another expense. I wish Craig was as handy with vehicles as John is. Oh well, he does have his own attributes though. ;-) I did get a lot of yard work done today. And I'm really tired of the cool weather. We are lucky to hit upper 70's today and with the clouds, it's not that warm! But here's some more garden pics for your enjoyment......


  1. It is always something with these RV's...but that one does not sound to bad.

  2. Wayne,
    You garden is looking gorgeous! Keep posting those pictures!--Randy