Saturday, July 25, 2009

Salon talk and more flower pics

A quicky post with pics.
Work has been very busy, partly do to our long weekends off. So I'm working late every day. And yesterday after working in the Salon, I made a house call to an Alzheimer's facility to do a customer of mine. She'd been coming into the Salon, but fell a few weeks back, and it seems to have greatly progressed her condition. Her husband asked if I could come. He didn't care for the Stylist they have on contract. So he got permission for me to go and cut and color her hair. They have a small one chair Salon right in the building. She recognized me so it was a fairly easy time. Her husband seems to think she'll get well enough to go back home, but from my past experience with customers with Alzheimer's, I'm not thinking so. But I certainly wouldn't tell him that. And when I finished up, he asked if I could do a charge card. Of course, I couldn't, so I told him to just stop by the Salon next week some time and we'll take care of it then. It's very sad to see customers slowly fade from this disease. I feel for the family.
But now I'm off to work! And here's some more daylilies currently blooming in the gardens for your viewing pleasure.


  1. davidz7:06 AM

    You're a beautiful person to do that, Wayne. As someone who's dealt with this disease first hand, I can't tell you how much it means for people to come and be "normal" with the sick person.

  2. You did a beautiful thing for the woman in many ways. Would that we would all approach each other with care, compassion, and patience.


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