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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Good morning. The rain seems to have finally ended, and we're in for several days of sun and normal temps.(low 80's)
Yesterday I managed to install the dishwasher in the mo-ho, but it took a bit more than I expected. Isn't that how most projects go? Anyway, I decided to run the generator because it's been a couple of months since I last ran it and your suppose to do it periodically, and I could use the air on in the mo-ho during this project, so that worked out well. The dishwasher was installed in a closet across from the shower where we already have a washer/dryer. We built a shelf above the washer/dryer, leaving enough clearance to turn the water valves on and off. And here's a pic of it installed. It's a small counter top model, but perfect for our trips.

On the right of the dishwasher, you can see a couple of rods, and some foam squares. The rods extend and go inside the shower to hang our towels to dry, and the foam squares go in the ceiling vents in cold weather for insulation.
And before I installed the dishwasher, I needed to fix the dryer vent. It had a plastic coil type that went from the back of the dryer to the outside vent and it had pulled off and was torn and since we almost never use it, I just never got around to replace it. And we went with an expandable metal sleeve that took some work getting it through the wall of the mo-ho. I was surprised to see how thick the outside wall was. Over 3 inches. With an inner wall board over foam board, some other thin materials, than an inch of insulation and more wall support before the outer fiberglass skin. Impressive! But the mo-ho is quite quiet inside.
After that project, I checked the house batteries water level. They need to be checked regularly because we have it plugged in all the time.
And tomorow, I'll post more flower pics. I have them going non-stop!


  1. Anonymous7:44 AM

    Congratulations on your success. :)



  2. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Hey Guys, I just ran our generator for an hr. today while watching Oprah. If your climate is somewhat humid, you might want to run the genny for one hour once a month under at least half load.

    I ran ours with two air conditioners on, etc. Our Fridge is all electric so it was running too. We have 203 hrs on ours so far.

    Looking forward to your flower pics! Take care, M&CinTN