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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pretty Flowers

It was a beautiful day yesterday. We mowed the yard, and Craig did laundry, and made a pasta salad to go with dinner, while I washed and waxed the back of the mo-ho. We also added another year on Craig's Tracfone. His expire date was the end of Sept. but I got an e-mail offering an extra 200 min. if we did it now. So it was $99 for another year and 400 min. plus 400 bonus min because this phone gets double min for life, and then another 200 bonus min. for renewing now, for a total of 1000 min! He now has 2840 min. I don't know how he'll ever use that many, but he has them just in case. My phone service doesn't expire till Dec. They screwed up and gave me almost 2 extra months when I transferred my service from my old phone to my new one. And no, I wouldn't tell them. That's what Tracfone gets for outsourcing their call center to India where you can barely understand their English. Fortunately, we can add min. online like we did for Craig, so I won't have to call unless I get another new phone.
And as promised, a few more flowers that are currently blooming in my yard.

The first 2 are actualy bushes. This one is a pink Sweetspire,
and this is Rose of Sharon.

And this is a Rudbeckia laciniata
This is Rudbeckia herbstonne. I like the green cones in the center. And this plant gets about 7 ft tall and will continue to bloom right through to a hard frost.
And a real pretty Daylily.
And now 2 long days of work, so I'll see ya Friday!


  1. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Do you tag your flowers? Because I don't see how you remember all the names!
    Very nice though. :)



  2. I love the sweetspire and our rose of Sharons are really pretty right now. I love my Tracfone!

  3. You are right, they are very pretty flowers. :-)--Randy

  4. Just trying to catch up on all of your pics and funny Fridays.

    We have some sort of beetle that just came a few years ago and it eats the roses as well. Not quite the same as your beetle (more of a grey colour) but close so probably related. Little buggers bite too!