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Monday, August 24, 2009

Holly State Recreation Area

And we're back! Did you miss me? No? It figures!
But anyway, we've just returned from a weekend trip. This time it was to Holly Recreation Area, on the east side of the state.And it was probably the coldest August weekend we've ever had! High Saturday, 63. 63! In August! But that's been our summer this year. A few warm days, followed by a cold spell. Another summer that wasn't. But we still had a good time. You've got to have contingency plans in Michigan. And with this area very hilly, we got just 1 TV station, damn digital! And even lost my cell phone signal a couple of times, and that never happens with Tracfone. But we arrived early with Holly being only around an hours drive from Lansing, and got all set up in our very wooded seclude spacious site. Believe it. In Michigan a spacious campsite. That's a first!
But our campsite was a mess! These berries everywhere!

They were purple berries that squished and stained everything they touched! I got out our rake and cleaned the area.

And here we are all set up. I got a little crazy with the lights, but we enjoyed them.
And this was a RRV scheduled event. But almost no one came, probably due to the crappy weather. But we did meet 2 separate campers, Jeff and Dave. Nice people. Were fun to hang with.On Saturday, we all went up to Birch Run and the Prime Outlet Mall. This place is huge! We exchanged cell #'s and headed out. the first thing we found were these nifty toothpaste squeezers.
We have a set of dishes just for the mo-ho, and we've been wanting to expand it, so at the Corelle store, we found a couple of plates and 2 bowls that matched our set in the mo-ho. And in another store we got some metal rings you put on your griddle to keep your eggs in a nice round shape for sandwiches.

After we met up, we hit Hallo burger for lunch. Great Burgers! Then Dave knew of a massive weekend flea market, just a little south of the campground. Craig and I aren't much interested in that kind of stuff, but what the heck, it's a crappy day, and something to do. Well it took forever to get there. I'm starting to think Dave isn't the best at directions, But we finally arrived, and it was huge! We wandered around, and it was pretty much a lot of junk, as we suspected. Maybe we should have arrived with a more open mind, but no, it was a lot of junk! So we let them search for treasures, and we headed back to the campground.
We relaxed with cocktails and read the paper. Later Dave suggested a steakhouse for dinner, Lucky's. Not far from the campground. I should have taken a map! We got separated following them, and of course following Dave's directions, we got lost, but he finally got us back on track, and arrived to a 40 min wait. Ugh! But what do you expect for a Saturday night. The wait was worth it though. Great food! Huge portions, and reasonably priced.

And tomorrow, I'll tell you all about our day at the Michigan Renaissance festival!

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  1. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Holly State Cow!! Sounds like a fun weekend to me. Berries and look great. hey, what else is there to do on a Sat. night in the middle of nowhere. Look at the bright side...with Dave's directions, you got to see more of the landscape than you ever expected.

    Beats sitting at home and watching the TV....
    Ken from Tampa