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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Day 2

Day 2.
It was a beautiful Saturday morning. After our morning coffee and walk, we drove into the city. I had seen on the Internet, there was a street festival called Bash on Wabash. Looked like a fun time and in an area of the city we haven't seen. The south loop area. This area used to have numerous old high rise tenement type buildings, but were torn down years ago. It is now experiencing a revival being so close to Grant Park and the Loop. So we parked our car in our usual place, between Michigan Ave.and Navy Pier. It was such a nice day, we decided to walk, though that meant going all the way from the river past Millennium Park, the entire length of Grant Park plus some. But we figured, burn more calories, eat more food! Well, we arrived at the festival, and I must say, it was the lamest festival I've ever seen!
See the pic? this was it! it covered all of one block!
Yes, there was a big stage with bands, but no seating anywhere! A total of 3 food vendors with no place to sit and eat, and a handful of crappy crafts. This was a total joke! The saving grace of it all was a Mexican restaurant with an outdoor patio we passed 2 blocks before the festival. We went back there to have lunch, and it was wonderful! What a find! Skirt Steak sandwiches with tasty Sweet Potato fries. I think Craig was trying to be good by getting salad, but I went with the Chicken Tortilla soup. mmmmmm good! After eating way more than we should, we decide to walk all the way back to the magnificent mile and the Crate and Barrel store. Wabash ran parallel to Michigan only 2 blocks over, so it was a straight shot back. Then to finish off the afternoon, it was a short 10 block walk out to Navy Pier, for beer, music, and people watching. Then a few blocks back to the car, and on the road back to the campground. At our exit off the highway, there was an RV dealer. We decided to stop and see if they had a convex mirror we could try and make work till we got ours repaired, but of course, they did not. They had an entire mirror replacement assembly, but that was $165. Hope we don't have to go that route. They were also having an open house for all their units, so we wandered thru some of the mo-ho's. Fortunately for Craig, I didn't see one I liked better than ours.
And this is the kind of pic you get when someone is looking down and you sneak the camera and say CRAIG! He hates when I do that. hehehe

And more pics tomorrow!


  1. Anonymous9:21 AM

    lol. Shame on you. Good picture though. :D



  2. For anyone named Craig, that is... ;)