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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

the flowers continue

Well, after a chilly weekend, we're finally getting a slight warm-up. The holiday weekend looks to be warm(upper 70's) and sunny. We'll be closing early Friday to enjoy the last long weekend of summer. Damn they go fast. Yesterday was a fairly lazy day. Craig vacuumed, while I did some maintenance on the mo-ho. I needed to glue some trim by the bathroom that was coming loose, and did some more caulking on the roof and windshield. I still have a leak somewhere. I'm glad it's just dripping on the dash, and not somewhere else in the mo-ho. And Craig made a delicious dinner of boneless Chicken Breasts on top of stuffing mixed with frozen Mexican vegetables, all covered with Cream of chicken soup. Yummy!
But anywho, this time of year tends to be a little lacking in the flowerbeds, but I still have lot's going on. Here's more of what's blooming in the yard.....

The above is a type of Thalictrum. I have 3, and they all bloom different times of the year. This one is the latest. Below is a pale pink Anemone. Just reaching full bloom. I have a white also, but it's just now budding up.
And below is Turtle Head. I don't know who comes up with some of these names.
And now I've got to get ready for work. I have 2 very long and busy days.


  1. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Hello Wayne and Craig,
    About your leak, have you caulked your clearance lights? I read on almost everyday and someone also mentioned where the roof meets the front cap can leak. Anything along the roof-line on the front sides should be checked (which I'm sure you did since you were up there cleaning).

    I've had to caulk two windows recently, actually had to removed the window in the slide (window behind the driver when closed) because it leaked and the dealer could not fix it. I had to do it myself and now it's dry as a bone!

    Have fun on your last RV trip of the season...we've been taking all of them with you (by blog)!

    MarkandCraiginCalifornia! (finally)

  2. Beautiful flowers Wayne. Don't work too hard.

  3. It's nice to see your summer flowers, especially after seeing Halloween candy out on the store shelves today!