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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

it's mo-ho tech time.

As promised, a few pics.
I noticed on a trip, when the outside door is open, from the inside, you could see light coming through the bottom of the screen door. That means of course another way for nasty little bugs to enter. So I got a strip of self adhesive weather stripping, cut to length and stuck it on the bottom of the door. Now it's snug.

Also the previous owners added Velcro to the little plastic slide door by the handle which is nice so when you shut it, it stays shut. But that left a gap at the top and the bottom because it no longer closes completely tight. So, another strip of self adhesive, this time brown, and cut to fit the gap. Now it's just a little harder for those pests to get in.
And we've had people ask us where we store the mo-ho. Well, we are fortunate that we have just the right amount of space between the garage and the lot line.

In the winter, it is backed all the way to the fence, and the kar kaddy is stored behind the fence on a gravel area.It's a perfect, snug fit.
We've had an extended dry spell. Over 2 weeks with out any rain. Seems weird after such a wet spring and summer. We are only .72 inches away from our normal yearly average with 3 months to go.
And now, time to get ready for another work week.

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  1. No Tire Pics?

    Dude, don't you know that is better than Porn for some of us? :P