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Friday, October 30, 2009

It's cold, and wet, and I'm pissed!

Good afternoon. It's been a very rainy day here. We are currently under a flood advisory. Not that I personally need to worry. We are on fairly high ground. But it's been raining most of the month. And we made a new record! After having the 5th coldest summer ever, we've also just had the first and only October, on record, that hasn't reached 70 degrees. And now just try and convince me of global warming.......

And in other news, I'm pretty sure my laptop is toast. After scouring the Internet, I'm apparently one of the many Lucky buyers of a crappy HP Compaq notebook. My problems fit perfectly with dozens of other people. Even HP recognized this and extended their warranty. Unfortunately mine fell out of extended warranty 5 months ago. I bought mine in April of 2007.
Needless to say, my next one will NOT be a HP!
And if there's any techies out there interested, here's the link to the HP forum.
hp forum
I'm still going to get a friend of mine to see if it can be saved, but I'm not spending $400 to fix a $600, 3 yr old computer.
Well, time to start dinner. I'm making a teriyaki beef stir fry. I hope it turns out!


  1. Oh boy... just wait till those MAC people tear you apart. :-)

  2. It's been cold and rainy here too.
    Especially last night!
    Really windy, too.

    Beef teriyaki stir fry sounds delicious, though. :)