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Monday, October 12, 2009

It's pretty much over

Sunday night it really hit us. Temps down to 26. For you non gardeners, that means a hard frost. That means goodbye to most annuals. But it is mid October, and we've had the entire year now cooler than normal, so it shouldn't surprise me. But even in the cold, I still have some things hanging on. Here are Toad Lily's. Plants about 3-4 ft tall covered with theses little 1 inch flowers.

And my white Japanese Anemone's are still going strong. Both are fall blooming plants.

And despite the cold weather, (it reached a high of only 45) I bundled up and went out and started cutting down the perennial beds. Got the entire bed next to the pond done, and even some of the bed across from the pond. I always stress about all the work I need to do, but once I get out there, forget how fast I can actually do it.
And for dinner, Pork steaks on the grill, nope, the grill flame heady thingy was cracked and not flaming right, so broiled in the toaster oven, with Craig's tasty homemade potato salad. He dislikes making it because it's so time consuming, but I asked real nice, and it is my birthday weekend. That's right, I milk that sucker as long as I can! hehehe

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  1. It's great that you have such a beautiful past time. I never get tired of seeing your flower pics.