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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

OH NO They Didn't!

Oh Yes They Did!
The following story is why, at every campground, you MUST, sanitize your water hook-up.
On our last trip to the Cleveland KOA, we had a full hook-up site. For you non-campers, that means instead of just an electric connection, you get water, and a sewer dump connection. (If you don't know what I mean by a dump connection, e-mail me, and I'll give you a more 'detailed' description) That's nice so you don't have to be concerned how much water your using, or how full your tanks are getting.
So this couple shows up late in the day, on our last day there. They pull into a site across from us. We had just gotten back from our late afternoon walk, and were enjoying a cocktail in our mo-ho. The following pics were taken thru the windshield.
We were watching them as they were setting up. First, they stuck the hose through the back window of their RV, why, I'm not sure. Then the guy was attempting to hook up the dump hose, when all of a sudden, this massive mass of brownish water came shooting out from under the RV. I assume he didn't get the dump hose attached securely. The 'stuff' sprayed all over the gravel, grass, water hose, and water post! He apparently didn't 'dump' the last place he was at. I quickly grabbed the camera as I said to Craig, OMG! I've got to get some pics of this!
The top pic is where she brought out some type of cleaner, and was pouring it over the 'stuff' on the gravel.
He then starts spraying the area with water, I'm assuming to 'wash' it away. But 'it's' not going anywhere. He then rinses off the dump hose.

She gets a snow shovel out of their trailer, and digs gravel from the pad, and decides to 'bury' the 'evidence'. You can see in the bottom pic, gravel all over the grass next to the dump hose. All this time, I'm just saying, eww! eew!
They never washed off the water hose, or the water post, but did use the same hose to fill several water jugs that they took inside of their RV. I hope they were only going to use them to flush the toilet! Now they did wear gloves during this whole mess, but also touched everything including the water faucet handle! Think of the poor people who will be using this site next! Walking on all that 'gravel'!
Now I carry a bottle of bleach and water spray, and always spray the connection. You never know, being out side, what it might have been exposed to. But I've never thought of spraying the handle! I will now! I'm not even sure I want full hook-up sites anymore! We may be better off leaving the dumping at the dump stations! At least those are concrete and easier to clean up if an accident occurs.
So, there was an 'incident' this trip, but at least, it wasn't ours!


  1. Jim uses disposable gloves. We keep a spray bottle filled with alcohol next to the gloves. We spray the mouth of the faucet, the mouth of our hose and run a little water out of the faucet before making the connection. We spray everything down. I'm shocked at how many people don't wear gloves and then touch the door to go inside their RV to wash their hands. Before we started doing this we watched countless videos and read books and articles about tips/tricks.

    Oh and ewwwwwwwwww is right.

  2. I'll join in the chorus: eeeeeew!