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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's Wednesday

Good morning. We had a fairly productive weekend. I ended up with nearly 2/3 of the back yard cut down. It's been cold, only near 50 for highs, but that's been our story all year. Monday we went to Kohls for some new slacks for work. Then to Walmart, for propane for our portable gas grill in the mo-ho, and Craig likes their frozen Turkey Burgers. They have them at Meijer's also, but they're nearly $2 cheaper at Walmart. But we do most of our shopping at Meijer's. They have mostly better prices, and by far, the best produce. Walmart's a joke when it comes to produce.
Then it was lunch at Smokey Bones. We've never been there before, but they had a $10 off $20 purchase flier in the paper, and I love a good deal. We had the ribs. Food was good, but overpriced, and forget cocktails at $5.50 each. We won't go back. Finley's ribs are just as good, cheaper, and only $2 drinks. Then it was to Sam's for work supplies, and Meijers for groceries.
On Tuesday, we mostly took it easy, Craig did laundry, bookwork, and made dinner, while I worked in the yard. I turned over all the birdbaths, and organized a mess of pots, and cut down more perennials.
And speaking of the yard, here's the pile of pots people have been bringing me all summer for my next year's plant sale. Do they look like enough?

Last year I sold just over 300 plants. And below is one of my compost piles nearing capacity.

I also have a large compost area behind some evergreens. I dig a large hole on one side and use the dirt for all the plants I pot up for my sale, and then put in all my clippings from the fall cut down. Throw some dirt over it and dig a hole next to it the next year and do the same. After 2 years, I can go back to the first one for good composted soil and start all over. So even though I have ton's of plants to cut down in the fall, it all gets recycled.
Now it's time to get ready for work.


  1. Seeing all of those millions of pots reminds me of the barn at my grandmother's house growing up -- she never got rid of anything....including a pile of pots just about like yours!