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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

back to work Wednesday

And a good morning.
We had another decent day weather wise. Not as warm as Monday, but mild in the 50's. I put away the deck furniture, and the hose cart. Put insulators over the water faucets, and turned off the water to the outside faucets. Craig did laundry, and mostly took it easy. His back has been giving him problems again. What seems to help is he lays on the floor with a wet towel on his lower back with a heating pad on that, topped with another towel and a couple of heavy books. That creates deep moist heat that helps to loosen his back. He goes through this a couple times a year. I think if he would exercise, that would help his back, but I'm not going there again!
I also cleaned the portable grill for winter storage.

Here's a before and after. It cleans up really good. I do this every season. We got this 4 years ago for the mo-ho. It's about the best portable one we've seen. It has 2 racks for cooking, where most only have one. And the legs fold up and it fits easily in a storage bay of the mo-ho.
In other news, work looks pretty slow this week. I was sure this week would happen sooner or later with us having such busy ones the last month or so. Oh well, maybe I can finally get a haircut and highlight. And we've got another stylist leaving the end of the year. She says she is finally retiring. That will leave us with 3 empty chairs. But it's like this all over. Every Salon on this side of town has empty chairs. And people I've talked to say business is down across the board. I'm sure Michigan's 15% unemployment isn't helping. Even though they say the economy is getting better, from my perspective, it looks to be getting worst. I'm glad Craig is a good money manager. We're still able to take all our mo-ho trips. And it helps a lot that we have no outstanding debt.
Okay, I've rambled on long enough for today.


  1. davidz6:02 AM

    I got a haircut yesterday and the salon was practically empty - I've never seen it that slow.

  2. Michael has back problems too. I'll have to tell him about this remedy.