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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

blah blah blah

Good morning.
Well, we had another nice day weather wise, mid 60's. And that appears that's it. The long term forecast is for near normal temps of low 50's.
Yesterday, after doing our grocery shopping for the week, we changed the oil in the riding lawn mower, the push mower, and the snow blower. I thought we had changed the snow blower in the spring, but could tell when I checked the oil level, we had not. And after that, we changed the tires on Craig's PT Cruiser. He has snow tires that do better in the winter. My truck has all weather tires. And since the mo-ho is now parked for the winter, Craig called and changed the coverage to storage.
We are now pretty much ready for another long Michigan winter. I'm 95% done with the flower beds, and should finish today.
For dinner, I cooked pork cutlets on the grill with grilled marinated zucchini, and baked potatoes.
And we watched our Monday sitcoms, How I Met Your Mother, Accidentally on Purpose, Two and a Half Men, and Big Bang Theory.


  1. I thought The Big Bang Theory was soooo funny last night!

  2. Man oh man, is there ever any down time with that big giant FARM you guys live on....the mowing, oil changes, winterizing, pulling weeds, etc....I'm exhausted just reading.

  3. Anonymous5:24 PM

    I too, have all season tires on my I guess that means I am as ready as you are, for the snow too...when it comes.
    Ken from Tampa