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Friday, November 06, 2009

funny friday and such

Well, after a slow Wednesday, yesterday filled right up, and today I'm working late, and I have a full day tomorrow. Also, next week is filling up nicely. It seems business has been picking up the last few months. So maybe things are getting better.
But then, yesterday, a customer told me that after 24 years, she was let go. She worked for Farm Bureau Insurance. They called her into a conference room, told her her position had been eliminated, asked what she needed from her desk, and was escorted out to her car. 24 years of service, and they treated her like a criminal! They laid off 31 people that day for the reason the company wasn't making it's projected sales targets. And they wonder why there's no employee loyalty any more.
For this edition of ff, don't some days you just feel out of the loop?

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love the cartoon. I hate what that company did to their employee. I understand the escort in a way BUT it's all so cold, so cruel. ::deep sigh::

  2. Laying off people like that is just wrong, and you one hundred percent correct with regards to the loyalty aspect. It is doubtful that anyone can expect loyalty when they treat people that way!

  3. If escorted out I would act up on PRINCIPAL. That is a great cartoon.