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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

blah, blah, get a colonoscopy!

Good morning.
After a productive Sunday and Monday, Tuesday we became lazy slugs. It was cold, (low 40's) windy and wet, and with the coming weekend forecast looking a bit warmer, we just didn't have any incentive to get out and finish our fall tasks, so instead, we drove around looking at laptops, since mine is pretty much dead, and too expensive to repair. Didn't buy one. Think we'll wait closer to Christmas when there's more sales. We did stop at Claddagh Irish Pub for a mid day snack. They have some really good wings! though a bit expensive. Later at home, I started to research places of interest for next summers trips while Craig finished up with the laundry from the mo-ho. I also got a call from my doctor to schedule my up-coming Colonoscopy. I booked it for early Dec. to get it over with. This will be my 3rd already. The reason for so many is my dad died from Colon Cancer at the very young age of 59. He was diagnosed at 53 when the removed a tumor the size of a baseball. My doctor said he could easily have had polyps at 43. So that was my first one, followed 5 years later for my 2nd. Both being clear, I was told I could go 7 years next, which is this year. So anyway, fun times. And let this be a reminder for anyone out there who is 50 or older, get a Colonoscopy! It's a very simple procedure, and the easiest cancer to cure if caught early. I finally got Craig in for one when he was 55, and they found 5 polyps. All benign, but better be safe than dead! And we've had 2 customers die from this before the age of 50, so go get tested! Okay, I'm off my soapbox now.
I'm off to work early today. Have a teeth cleaning appt. at 8am. Not a real busy week this week, so maybe I can get my hair cut and highlighted.
So off I go now.


  1. excellent reminders! Wishing you well....

  2. Anonymous9:18 PM

    My partner of 32 years died this past June. Larry was 57. He had a routine colonoscopy four years ealier and they found one polyp, but it was cancerous. You can't be too careful.
    Gene S.