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Monday, November 30, 2009

A good Monday morning to you.
Yesterday, unlike last weekend, the cleaning bug infected me and I cleaned up a storm. Craig did his usual bookwork, laundry, and boiled the turkey carcass for some very tasty broth. We'll use the broth instead of water to make mashed potatoes, rice and noodle dishes. Really adds a lot of flavor.
They've had some really good sales out there this year, but nothing to make me get out and fight the crowds. Though I'm temped to go to Staples today for a 21 inch LCD monitor for my desk top puter. It's on sale for only $109.00. That's really good! I've got a 19 inch monitor now, and since I play a lot of games, bigger is better, right? We'll see.
We also have Abbey heating and Air coming this morning to replace our furnace with a 95% energy efficient new one. Our cost? $2731.00. But we'll get a $819.00 tax credit, and a $370.00 Consumers energy rebate, so our final cost is $1542.00. A pretty good deal! And it should also lower our heating bills a bit, I hope. This is what they're installing....

Soooo, while Craig does the banking, shopping, etc, I'll be home, probably on the puter all day. Craig doesn't like people in the house when we're not there, so one of us needs to be here. He thinks if we're both gone, they'll be digging through our stuff, instead of working. Whatever I say. He's always been paranoid about these things, and after all these years, it's just easier to go along. I know what fights to pick, and this one I wouldn't win. But I think I'm way ahead at that game anyway. And the staff at work thinks I get everything I want. I don't, but I get enough. ;-)

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  1. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Wayne, Craig is right. You never know what someone will do. When had some remodeling done to our master bathroom and was away from the house. We lost an expensive watch and 2 nice winter coats. We didn't see who did it as there were three men working that day. So, we didn't accuse anybody. We chalked it up to a hard lesson learned.

    Never again do we leave anyone in the house.