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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

the good and the bad

A couple of updates.
First, the good. Our new furnace is almost completely installed. Of course, with no basement, Our furnace sits in a closet in the middle of the house with the water heater. Not much extra room in there. The new furnace is shorter and wider than the old one, so there was quite a bit of work to get everything in place. He did get the furnace running before he left, so we do have heat, but he's coming back this morning to finish the air return ducts. I'll have pics when he's finished.
And while Craig did his running around, I pretty much spent the entire day on the puter. Read blogs, surfed, and played games. Have you tried Bejeweled Twist? Pretty addictive.
And now the bad.........Also I got the new cmos battery for my lap top, installed it, turned it on............nothing, keyboard lights up, fan spins, but no windows. So I turned it off, and decided I need to call Bill. He's the husband of a customer of mine who's pretty good with puters, and very reasonable. But......... this morning, just for the hell of it, I tried the puter again. IT BOOTED UP! Yaa! Don,t know why, but don't care, it's back! So I downloaded and installed updates, and then rebooted...........
And now again........nothing..........WTF is with this piece of crap! Okay, now I'm calling Bill this morning.
I'll update when I know more.


  1. With all the potential problems that are inherent with PC's, it simply amazes me that the average computer user, is able to keep up with it. I have been a computer engineer for almost 20 years, always worked on PC's and still do at work. But after so many years of struggling with all the PC problems at work, and then having to deal with them again at home when I just wanted to get my email and surf the net, I finally bought a MAC a year ago. I still have to deal with all of the PC problems at work, but at least now, when I come home, I can do what I want to on the MAC without having to spend hours trying to figure out why that damn PC and all the viruses, blue screen, conflicting programs in memory etc.are causing it not to work. The MAC just works!

    Ken from Tampa
    P.S. I do not work for, or have an interest in Apple. In fact, it was both Scott and then Derek that convinced me to change to a mac, and I have never been happier.

  2. I'm sure mac's are fine. But I've had my desktop since 2002, running xp, and it works like a charm.