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Friday, December 11, 2009


Hello from a bitter cold Lansing. Currently 12 out. That's right a bone chilling 12 degrees. Although we've managed to miss all the snow that almost everyone else in the region got. We have maybe 2-3 inches on the ground.
Work has been steady, nothing too exciting going on.
I got a call from the doctor on the results of the 'spot' he removed. It was a polyp. It's called a HyperPlastic polyp. Is that some odd name or what? Anyway, he said it's a non-cancerous type of polyp that is increasingly found in 'older' men. Thanks doc for adding that last bit of info there. So I'm good for another 5 years.
And this evening after work, we are going to a little cocktail party down town at Harem. It's called an urban lounge. Click on the link to see pics. Craig has a customer he's done for years that is also our lawyer when we need one. It's a barter relationship. He cuts his hair for free, and he gives us legal advice when we need it. A few year ago, he joined a new law firm, and they throw this Christmas party for all their clients. Free food and drink! But we won't be there too late, I'm back to work tomorrow at 7:30am.
So that's all I got for now.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Imagine that Portland is just as cold as you are.....except for the fact that WE'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE. Br brr brr brr

  2. It's only 42 here as I reply. Have a good evening!


  3. Monday it was --37 wind chill -50. Oh so cold. snow since Sept. 30. I here you.