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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

the calm before the storm

After the furnace installer left around noon, we spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up. I caulked the pipes that went through the ceiling, and folded and put away all the drop cloths. Good thing I had a mess of old paint sheets, because he didn't bring a thing. I guess he's use to mainly working in basements, not the middle of a carpeted house. And as we worked on dinner in the evening, I saw this out the front window......

A full moon very low in the sky. It looks so large when it's low like that. It was a very pretty calming sight. But the forecast isn't looking pretty for the rest of the week. They say we may get that nasty white stuff, which also means colder temps. I need to break out the winter coats I think. yuk!
And for dinner, we had Panko Chicken, with broiled marinated Zucchini, and fried potatoes. And for those interested in the details, of course it's over here.
And it looks to be a fairly busy week at work. I hope so, I have a furnace to pay for! ;-)

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  1. Wasn't that moon somethin' else!!