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Saturday, December 05, 2009

to tip or not to tip

Good morning from a very cold mid Michigan. It's currently 21 out this morning going for a high of only 32. By far the coldest temps of the season. We haven't been this cold since March 12th. One more day of work before our weekend and it's been a pretty good week busy wise. And the Christmas tips are starting to roll in. There's a lot of controversy over whether, or how much to tip. I always tell my customers, it's completely up to them. Of course, I'm not going to turn away tips. It's not like I'm charging a premium price for my work. Our prices are right in the mid-range for Salons in our area. Some customers tip well all year, and don't tip at Christmas. Some don't tip all year, and just at Christmas. Some don't tip period. And a few tip well all year, and again at Christmas. And those customers get in when ever they want. Yes, like with anything, money talks. I provide a service, and those who go out of their way, like tipping, will get them preferred service. Not that I don't give everyone the same quality haircuts, but my preferred customers get premium time slots, and extra time. And as for the amount of a Christmas tip, some customers are very generous, but most tip the equivalent of the price of a haircut. Some just give a few dollars more. And of course, you don't give a Christmas tip to someone you don't go to on a regular basis.
So as a person who provides a service to the public, I say tip, unless they are already charging premium prices, or unless they have a sign specifically forbidding tipping. And how much to tip? That is completely dependent on your own financial situation. Customers who do tip, average 10-20%. But believe me. Any amount is appreciated.
Sooo, do you tip your stylist?


  1. davidz7:23 AM

    Always...and always extra for Christmas.

  2. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Yes Wayne, we tip the hairstylist, pedicurist and manicurist at each appointment. And, we give them a gift card at Christmas. Funny how we can get appointments anytime we want. :o)


  3. I wonder what would happen if I just so happened to know how much each of my passengers actually paid for their ticket. Would I provide service based on how much they paid? Hum. Now you've got me to thinking.

    As for tipping anywhere, I remember the days when it was not expected...but, rather, tipping was done for an exceptional job well done...not simply "just because."

    Today, I typically tip. My stylist? $5.00 on a 15 minute haircut that costs $25. I'd say that's plenty.

  4. In France, tipping is not customary, except in cabs and high end hotels. Service charges (tips) are built into prices in restaurants.

    When we first moved here we watched carefully what other customers at our salon did. No tipping. So we don't tip either.

    It's a very fine line to walk. If, as an American, we tip in situations that the French don't, then we can be seen as "throwing money around like rich Americans." And we're not rich.

    Of course, we live in the country. I'll wager that in Paris there are a lot of people who tip stylists. But I don't know.

  5. It's nice to have someone in the business to clarify! Of course though, I'm bald. :-)