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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It was just another Monday

Good morning.
We had a fairly busy day yesterday. If you remember from this post, when Craig left his checkbook in his cargo pants that then went through the wash, well, he also had his new prescriptions in there as well. That paper didn't hold up as well as the checkbook. So our first stop was the doctors office. Of course, no one was there. I called and left a message. They called back later in the day, and we'll pick up the new ones this morning. We then went to the bank, made a business deposit, and also deposited all the Christmas gift money. Better to make 1.35% in a money market account than sitting at home right? Maybe not, but at least it's safer in the bank than laying around the house.
Did some grocery shopping, came home, and I cleared the snow from the driveway, while Craig did bookwork and laundry. We had gotten about 3 inches of snow overnight.
I then worked on a couple of soiled areas on the carpet with this handy little Bissel spot cleaner. First time I'd used it and it seems to work really well. I'll know later this morning when it's totally dry.
So another exciting day in Wayne's World. Or not.....
And for dinner, a new recipe,
Spicy Pork Tenderloin.
This was easy, and even though the ingredients seemed odd, it was really tasty! And we served it with fried potatoes and broiled asparagus.
And I know, we eat way to large of portions, but we usually only eat 2 meals a day. And the first one is usually a late morning homemade breakfast sandwich. We've just never liked eating when we first get up, and enjoy preparing a nice dinner.
That's it for now!

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