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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010 camping schedule

Well, the weekend is over and it's back to work. The weekends sure seem to fly by don't they? And I even get 3 day weekends and they still seem short. I don't know how I ever worked 5 days.
Any how, I was a little more productive yesterday. I cleaned the kitchen. We have white cabinets, and they sure get dirty fast! We also started puzzle #2. We had Chicken for dinner. Craig tried a new Hamburger Helper, It was called Asian Chicken Helper. It was actually real good! Had marinated broiled asparagus with it.
We also have put together our summer mo-ho trip schedule.

April, Proud lake recreation area. Purple Star.
May, Muskegon State park. Black star.
May, Indiana Dunes State Park. Blue star.
June, Ft Custer State park, Pale purple star.
July, Indiana Dunes State Park. With friends from Wisconsin.
July, Maumee Bay State Park, Green star.
August, Cedar Point Amusement Park. Red star.
August, Beedle Bay Marina and campground. Light green star. With a camping group.
September, Indiana Dune State park.
September, Holly State Park. Orange Star.
October, To be decided.
October, Pokagon State Park. Yellow Star. With a camping group for a Chili Cook Off.
October, Indiana dunes State Park.
A total of 13 weekend trips.
You'll notice we have 4 trips to Indiana dunes. That's because it's so close to Chicago, and we love Chicago! And you'll also notice we have fewer trips early in the season and loaded near the end. That's because I have sooo much yard work to take care of first thing in the spring. Not to mention digging and dividing plants for my big sale in June.

You'll also notice this year, we're staying closer to home. Higher gas prices, and a desire not to drive so far for just a long weekend.
And if anyone would like to join us on any of our trips, e-mail me for specific dates.
Now it's time to get ready for work. Later!

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