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Monday, January 25, 2010

Let there be light

Good morning.
The snow is nearly gone, at least for the moment, as we hit a high yesterday of 46 with lots of rain.
And I did manage to be productive yesterday.
First off, I replaced the track lighting we had in the kitchen.

Above, the old lights, and below the new ones.

They have frosted glass so besides shinning down on the counters, they also shine outward to give the whole room more light.
And they have a brushed nickle finish that matches the cabinet handles.
But they had 4 stickers on the base that I had to peel off and then use goo gone to remove the glue. I'm sure they were probably something important that I should have read, but I didn't.
I then decide to clean the louvers on all the doors. Now we have a lot of louvered doors. Every single door inside this house is louvered.
Now the bedroom and bathroom doors are only louvered on one side, the inside has solid panels. One must have a little privacy right?
Craig didn't realize I got him in the picture. He thought I was taking a pic of the doors. hehe. The doors behind him hide the furnace and water heater.
So anyway, that took a good chunk of the afternoon, while Craig did bookwork and laundry.

We did start our 3rd puzzle, and found the strangest thing. These weird pieces that look like they were cut in half. But after we sorted out all the edge pieces and started to put the frame together, we realized they we edge pieces.
Apparently this puzzle got cut a little short. Too funny!
And for dinner Craig made a brand new dish, Sauerbraten Lasagna. And boy was it good!

And of course, if you want the recipe, it's over here.
And then we watched Spartacus. It's a new series on some cable channel. Now we don't get cable, but I have my ways. It is really a good show. A bit gory, but very good.


  1. Good choice on the new lighting. I love the lighting they have available these days.

  2. I wanted to see Spartacus for the skin factor but discovered we don't get Starz. Maybe I'll catch it on dvd.