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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mom, work and pizza

A good Sunday morning to everyone.
First off, my Mom's back home. After trying to reach her at her hospital room with the phone # my brother e-mailed me, and not getting any answer, I finally called the hospital direct, to find that she was released Thursday night. My brother was told she would be there 2-3 more days. But anyway, she's home, she feels good, and she doesn't know exactly what was wrong. She was told she had fluid around her heart and lungs. Basically symptoms of Congestive heart failure. But they gave her medication to help the go to the bathroom, and that got rid of it. They did a bunch of tests, and said everything else looked good. So although she's not sure what exactly was the cause of the problem, she's better now. And thanks for all the good thoughts in the comments and e-mails.
And another work week has finished. A very busy week, but 2 of my Saturday appointments were no-shows. And of course, they were in the middle of the day, so I get to just sit and wait for the next one. Then, one of them calls after realizing she had missed her time, and then is upset I can't still take her that day. And, she didn't even apologise for missing her appointment! That really steams me! And I know it shouldn't. After all the years in this business, I've come to know all the different 'types' of people out there, and I should be use to it.
But anyway, it's now the weekend, and today, after I clean the salon and wake up lazybones, we're going to Grand Rapids, MI (about 50 miles east of Lansing) to a big RV show. I just love looking at the new motor homes I'll never be able to afford. :-)
And for a, it's the weekend treat, Craig made a pizza for dinner. Yummy!
So that's all I got for now.


  1. davidz5:58 AM

    So glad to hear your mom's back home!
    I've been seeing the RV show commercials on tv and wondering if you were going...have fun!

  2. Good news on your mom!

    I LOVE RV browsing. Can I come?

  3. oh boy, I would have been unhappy with those no-shows. Somehow, they should be charged for your time.

    As for mom, my MIL has CHF and deals daily with fluid. She's on a ton of meds. I wish your mom well.