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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday post.

Good morning.
We are at 15 out right now going for a high of 24. We missed all the snow from the latest storm. It went to the south of us. It usually happens like this when we experience extreme cold weather. I'm a little later posting than usual because I did a super cleaning job at work this morning. Spent over 2 1/2 hours instead of my usual 1 1/2. Did a bunch of extra stuff I don't do every week.
We currently have 3 new stylist that have signed leases and will be starting in 1 -2 weeks. That will give us a full staff. The first time in 13 years. We've never had all 7 stations rented. The most was 6 when we first opened. It will be nice making some extra money. We have some repairs we need to do.

This is what I saw on the way to work yesterday, a full moon. The sky was just starting to show some light. I still haven't figured how to take pics in the dark. But it was beautiful.
We also finished up our 3rd puzzle on Friday. This one was a little harder with all those flowers and leaves the same colors.
And for dinner yesterday, we had home made tacos. They were yummy! We also watched Hangover again. And our Michigan State Spartans basket ball team is now 9-0 in the Big Ten and ranked 5th nationally. They've been fun to watch.
So it's now 9am. I think it's time to wake up lazy bones.
And I have a fun little thing to show you tomorrow.


  1. Would this be a good time and place to tell you that it hasn't been at or below the freezing mark for I don't know how long here? We're enjoying a typical Portland winter -- bit of rain, gray, wind, not too cold at all. I saw daffodils yesterday.

  2. To take photos at night you'll need a tripod and the flash off. There will be a night setting that keeps the lens open longer so that more light can enter. The slightest shakes blurs the photo.