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Friday, January 29, 2010

Cold, bad food, good news

Hello from a frozen Lansing. It's cold out this morning, and I mean cold! It's currently -2 out, with a projected high of 17. But it's nearly February, so just 2 more months before spring. (I hope!) And thanks for the comments and e-mails on my blogoversary. Much appreciated.
Thanks Garret for the Sam's suggestion for our security system. We don't have a Costco, or BJs but we do have a Sam's. I do remember they had them. I'll check that out.
And remember this past Monday when Craig created a new dish called Sauerbraten Lasagna? Well, he always tries to make enough for leftovers during our work week. And yesterday was leftover day, and I'll say this, Sauerbraten Lasagna is not, I repeat, NOT good as a left over. I don't know what happens to it sitting in the fridge for 3 days, but it was nasty! We had to throw it out! Kind of reminds me of Craig's Cheetos omelet. Another bad concoction.
And in still more news, we have definite commitments for 2 new stylists to join our salon in the next few weeks. And we're still in the running for a couple more. So far, so good!
That's all I got this morning. Time to shower, bundle up and head to work.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Well, at least you guys experiment with food. Hopefully you can make a smaller Sauerbraten Lasagna so it will be yummy with no left overs.

  2. -2? That's cold! Hope you two have a good weekend.--Randy