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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

post #768

Good morning from a frozen Lansing. Winter has come roaring back. 19 out right now with a high of only 22. Not much snow though right now.
This is post # 768. Wow! 768! Hard to believe I've done that many.
We had a fairly lazy weekend. Besides the new kitchen light, and cleaning the louvers, I scrubbed the bathroom. We also got our H1N1 shots. Got them at Kroger, only $10 each.
Made another reservation for our summer camping trips. You can only book 6 months in advance at state parks. So although we have destinations planned for most of the season, they can't all be booked right now. I have to wait and book as the booking window opens. I can currently book through the end of July.
We are also checking out new security equipment for the Salon. The monitor we have is getting so bad, you can hardly tell who's coming in the door. A new monitor would not be compatible with our old system, so we need a completely new one. That's what the companies do, they keep changing stuff, so nothing will work with the older stuff.
And I'm off to work early again today. I have lots more grid to clean. So have a good rest of the week.

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  1. Maybe one of the security camera kits they sell at Sams, Costco or BJs would work for you?