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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2 in one!

Lucky you!
2 posts in one day!
The main reason for this post is to update my previous one. Once I got out and started to clear the driveway, I quickly realized we had way more than 6-8 inches. It was well over 12! Took so long, I was nearly late waking Craig up and getting to work.
Also I had 10 boxes to unpack waiting for me when I arrived at the Salon. That took nearly 2 hours. And all this before I even did a customer. We also received our new security system. Checking it out I discovered every camera has to be plugged in separately. UHG! That means 4 cameras, monitor and DVR needs to be plugged in. I don't have that many outlets where I put the DVR so I've got to think about that. But other than that, it looks like a real nice system. Pics when I get it installed.
And in answers to my previous post. Yes, it does seem I'm always working on something. That's what happens when you have a house, business, and motor home. It's always something needing extra cleaning or fixing. And now it looks like I'll be spending my Sunday in the Salon installing the new security system.
Also Mark, the fireplace has an electric heater on the bottom that blows out heat from underneath the front. The light bulbs are just for a realistic looking fake fire. It has some kind of rotating thingy with mirrors to create what looks like flickering flames. Actually, it does look fairly realistic.
Well, that's it for tonight. Take care.

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  1. We'll petition Craig for a real vacation for ya!