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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

let it snow

Well it finally hit us. After missing the last few storms, we were due. 6-8 inches with drifting. So I'll need to clear the driveway before I go to work.

Update on Mom. Here ankle is fractured, not broke. But still not good either way. She has been moved to a nursing home/ rehab center where once her ankle has healed, she'll get therapy to get her walking again. Could be 6-12 weeks. And here's a pic of the car my brother e-mailed me.

It's a total loss. But we're fortunate no one else was hurt, and Mom wasn't hurt worse.
In other news, we had a fairly low key couple of days. Worked on the puzzle and did a little cleaning and repair of our little electric fireplace. This is in our TV room and holds our 32 inch LCD TV. The flames had stopped, so I knew the light bulbs needed to be replaced. So when I did that, I also vacuumed out the fan area and sprayed some WD-40 since it had been making a squealing noise also. Now the flames are bright and it's very quiet. We use this when we're watching TV so we don't have to turn the whole house temp up. It really does a good job in this small room.

And I'm off to work early today. I have a very large shipment of retail products that came in yesterday that will need to get priced and on the shelves.

But first, I need to get on the driveway, so have a good day.


  1. Funny, it seems like you are forever disassembling, cleaning/repairing.

  2. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Wayne, I have never seen one of those type of fireplaces. Are you saying it heats by lightbulbs? Also, the heat it generates doesn't effect the TV sitting on top?

    And Garret is right, you are constantly busy (ALL THE TIME).... you wear me out just reading! LOL!


  3. That fireplace is about the same shape and size as mine. Except that mine burns wood. And our chores include sawing logs, lugging them into the house, gathering kindling, lighting and maintaining a fire for several hours every day in winter, then emptying the ashes daily. Not to mention dusting and vacuuming the living room a lot. I can't wait 'till spring so I can stop having fires (until next fall)!