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Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday fun

Good morning.
We've had a few days in the low 30's and the icicle pic in my last post are now gone. But later this weekend it's back into the deep freeze. But February is just 9 more days, and then we have just March to get through. (I hope!)
The last couple of days at work have been very slow, but the phone started ringing yesterday, and I'm completely booked today and Saturday. And next week is looking good also. We always have some slow time in the winter, but when it happens, always makes me a little nervous it's going to stay that way.
The new stylists are meshing in with our staff very well. I think they'll be a good fit for our Salon.
I've been enjoying the Olympics, but just don't understand why curling is an Olympic sport. I mean, it doesn't seem any more athletic then say bowling or shuffle board and those aren't Olympic sports.

And if they were, I could have been an Olympian! Yes, that's Craig and I back in '83' on our Salon, at the time, bowling team. Did you know, after looking at pics from the early eighties, everyone had mustaches! Of course, the hair was something to!
Well, have a good weekend!

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