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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3 crappy C's

Good morning.
That's right. 3 crappy C's. It's crappy cold, crappy cd rates, and Craig's crappy car. Read on....
It's another cold morning, with a high projected in the mid 50's. Didn't do a thing outside yesterday despite a near 50 day. It was very windy with the wind from the north, so it felt bitter cold. Instead, I took the front of the dishwasher apart. When you open the door, it feels like it wants to slam to the ground. It feels very heavy. So I assumed a spring helping the door close was broken. After some disassembly I discovered I was right. There's a spring on both sides of the bottom of the door. One is broke. So today I'll take it out and find a replacement, and I'll get 2 and replace the other one also.
We also moved a CD we had maturing. I swear I don't think the rates are ever going to stop going down. They were lower yesterday than just a few weeks earlier. We did find a money market acct. paying 1.55%. that was better than most banks 1 year rates so we'll let it sit there until hopefully some time soon, the rates start edging back toward some decent returns.
And then there's Craig's PT Cruiser. As we were coming out of the first bank, Craig noticed the fog lights were on. So he got in the car and fiddled with the switch and they went off. So on the way to the next bank, when ever he used his turn signal, the fog lights would come on but wouldn't go back off. Then when we got to the second bank, he shut off the car, and they came on again! Now his turn signal, lights, fog lights are all on the same lever, so apparently there's something loose inside of it. So this morning we take it in to have it checked out. You just know this is going to cost now don't you? Oh well, it's always something.
So that was was our day, and for dinner Craig cut up a sirloin steak and added it to a Beef Stroganoff Hamburger Helper. It was a tasty change from ground beef.

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