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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

terrific Tuesday

Good morning.
What a difference a day makes.
Yesterday turned out to be a good day to work in the yard. Low 50's sunny, little wind. Scooped out more debris from the pond, trimmed back some more summer flowering shrubs, and cut some lower branches off the trees on the edge of my shade garden. Very few 'shade' loving plants like heavy shade. Most like some sun and this will allow morning sun.
I also had my annual physical and passed with flying colors. Although my Cholesterol was 208, that's the lowest since I started getting it checked. And even better yet, my HDL or 'good' cholesterol is suppose to be above 39, mine was 77, and the LDL or 'bad' cholesterol they want under 130, mine was 114. My Triglycerides are suppose to be under 150, and mine were a measly 83. And finally, my cholesterol/HDL ratio they want between 0.0-5.1, and I'm smack dab in the middle at 2.7. And of course, like I told you when Craig had his physical, we've done nothing to help improve our results. Last year we walked the mall, the big box stores, walked our buts off to try and get enough exercise which is suppose to lower your cholesterol. This year we haven't done zip! And we both had better results. Go figure.
And Craig's car needs a new switchy handle thingy which wasn't near as costly as he thought. So Monday's crappy 3's turned into Tuesday's Yaa's. What a difference a day makes!
So now I need to get ready for another work week. Later!


  1. I go to a new doctor on Monday. They'll be checking my cholesterol too. Oy.

  2. Good to hear you are "In the pink" health wise. :-)Looking forward to seeing your garden pics this year. --Randy