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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ah spring!

Good morning!
We had one more beautiful day yesterday, and since I got out of work early, I came home and made the most of it.
First I cleaned out the pond. That means scooping out all the leaves and debris that blew into it during the fall and winter. I also scooped out about 6 dead frogs. Since the pond has a liner and is only 18 inches deep, the stupid frogs have no mud to bury themselves in and so freeze to death. The first year I put the pond in I scooped out over 50! Took buckets of dead frogs and dumped them in the creek. It was gross! I was ready to fill in the pond. But then, a Great Blue Heron found our pond and has since visited it regularly every year to keep down the frog population. Now I have just a few every year. I also cut down more grasses and perennials from last year, and cleaned up the path on the side of the yard near the creek and cut back ground cover and evergreens.

Top, before, bottom, after.

Top, before, bottom, after.
Top, before, bottom, after.
This path snakes along the side of the property, between my landscaped backyard, and the creek that runs along our lot line. Since our property is in an industrial area, even though the property on the other side of the creek is vacant, we may, at some point have a neighbor with a business that is unappealing to look at. So many years ago, we planted an evergreen screen along the side of the yard. This path is between that and the creek. It would have been nice to incorporate the creek in my landscaping, but only owning the property on one side made that not feasible.
Look closely and you can see I've used broken concrete I've collected over the years to 'pave' the path. Then I used pea gravel to fill in the gaps.
And when Craig got home he made us some home made sloppy joes and oven fries, and we watched our Spartans barely win their first round game.
I actually did more in the yard, but I'll share that tomorrow as I need to get in the shower and get to work. I've got a busy Saturday!

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  1. You are so damn handy! Love the concrete path o' scraps.