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Sunday, March 07, 2010

busy, busy

Good afternoon. Sorry for being so late today. I've been very busy and just didn't get a post done this morning. Did you miss me? Hello! Anyone there?
Anyway, I went in and cleaned the Salon, and after that decided to replace the washer lid.
As you can see, the old lid was rusting away something fierce. Almost every time I opened it to do a load of towels, a chunk would fall in. I had ordered a replacement some weeks ago, but discovered it was going to take a bit of time to replace. Well, I did that this morning. And doesn't the new one look good?

Why it was rusting, I haven't a clue. Except they just don't make things the way they use to. And of course, it took longer than expected. the little bolts that hold the door arms had star indents, so a regular phillips or straight screwdriver wouldn't work. I had to run home and get my drill set to get one that fitted. Why can't they make a standard for everything instead of needing hundreds of different tools? But anyway, when I went to leave for work, I couldn't get my cell phone to turn on. So I figured it was a weak battery, and plugged it in and took Craig's. Well, 3 hours later and still no power. So it's a bad battery or a dead phone. I went online to find a new battery, and I can get a new phone cheaper. Go figure. So I ordered a new one for $14.95. And when it arrives, I'll transfer my phone number and minutes. And that phone isn't even 1 year old! It is probably still under warranty, but with the time to send it in and wait for it to come back, it's worth it to just buy a new one.

Then we booked another camping trip. You can only book state parks 6 months in advance. I was 4 days late and there were only 9 spots left in the campground, but we got a pretty good one.

So that was my busy morning. And the rest of the day, I'm not doing much. Except catching up on my blogs, and playing games.


  1. Anonymous8:54 PM

    I've never seen a washing machine lid do that. I would think you might see that if you lived near the ocean where everything will rust.

    MarkinPalmSprings (no humidity=no rust) ;o)

  2. davidz4:33 AM

    That's very bizarre - I've never seen that happen on a washing machine, either! Re: your phone - stuff is made to be disposable these days, so I'm not surprised it was cheaper to replace it...and you're right, being without the phone isn't worth it waiting for warranty repairs.

  3. I wonder if it was the bleach? If you use a lot I'm sure it could eventually be corrosive. Maybe...?--Randy

  4. I think it's either from hard water - water splashes up there as things wash - or possibly from the salt in water softeners if there is one there. I always leave the lid open after a load to air dry.

    You did a good job though, bro. :)