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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sunny Saturday

Good afternoon.
I know, an unusual afternoon post. That's because I got out of work very early today, and with it being to cold out, decided to get productive inside. So, I scrubbed the bathroom, and cleaned out Craig's puter. If you remember, I clean the inside of my puter once a year, usually sometime in February. And I did do mine, but for one reason or another never got around to Craig's. So today I did.
Here's the inside of his 'tower'. He has a mini tower. Isn't it cute? Well, underneath that large fan is a mass of fins.
Can you see the dust clogged fins behind the dusty fan blades?
And now, nice and clean. Quite the difference right? And now better air flow to keep the puter from over heating. So that's why it's important to open up the case once a year, and with canned air, blow all the dust out. Just make sure you hold the fan so it doesn't spin furiously and possible damage it. And that's your tech tip for today.
And last night we watched our Spartans win an exciting game against Northern Iowa to advance to the Elite Eight! Tonight we'll watch some of the other games and tomorrow we'll watch our Michigan state play Tennessee for a chance to go to the Final Four.
And Craig's making a new dish tonight, Chicken Cordon Bleu pizza. Doesn't that sound interesting? If it turns out, you'll see pics here tomorrow.


  1. It was nice here, today, but cool and windy at the same time.
    Hope dinner turns out great! :)

  2. Dinner sounds uhhhhhhhh yum.

  3. Wayne, do you ever just kick back and watch a movie or read a book? You should look into bottling your energy! lol