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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good morning.
I've just returned from cleaning the salon. You can tell spring is in the air. It smells so fresh out. And the birds are singing. I'm so excited! Now if it would just warm up! It's only 33 out right now and the high today is only going to be 50 with rain. Patience Wayne.
And as I said yesterday, here's the pic of the new pizza Craig made.

It's called a Chicken Cordon Bleu Pizza and was it ever tasty! For the recipe and more pics check out Cooking with Craig.

Of course, this is no substitute for 'real' pizza, but it was a tasty dish all on it's own.

Now it's time to take my shower and wake up lazy bones. We've got some grocery shopping to do, and our Michigan State Spartans are playing at 2:20 this afternoon.

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