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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

a shorty

Another lazy day yesterday. The only 'work' I did was shovel the path to the back of the house so the meter reader can get to it, and ran the mo-ho generator and checked the water level in the mo-ho 'house' batteries. Since I leave the mo-ho plugged in all winter for the sonic pest repelers, the water tends to 'disappear' over time, so I usually need to add water every couple of months.
The rest of the day was spent pretty much on the puter catching up on blogs, surfing, and playing games.
The weather forecast for the upcoming weekend is calling for 40's! Maybe spring is on it's way!
For dinner we had bacon burgers. Lean turkey burgers with lean turkey bacon. Really quite good! And with home made oven fries.
So a short post today, since life here is pretty boring right now. But sometimes, boring is good!

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  1. yes, sometimes boring IS good. Thanks for the kudos on the contest by the way. So then you guys are well?