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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

still winter here

Hello all.
The temps have been a little more moderate this week. Highs in the low 30's. Still around a foot of snow on the ground.
I did manage to get some work done yesterday. I scrubbed down the kitchen.
I also called and spoke to my Mom. She seems in good spirits. Has a few more weeks of healing before they can start working on her walking again. In the meantime she's getting therapy to keep the joints moving so it'll be an easier transition.
And then I spent the rest of the day playing a new game I downloaded, Traffic Giant. Another city building game where you build bus and train routes to satisfy the city population. I can play these games for hours!
Also, while we were watching TV Sunday evening, we started hearing a series of beeps. 3 beeps every 10 seconds or so. Finally tracked it down to our security keypad. The trouble light was on. I don't even know what the trouble light is for! So Craig called the alarm company, but only got the monitoring person who said all our systems checked good and we'd have to call Monday morning and speak to a service tech. So this morning Craig called and they ran a check on our system, and it said we have a weak battery. So it's good we don't need a service call. They recommended a place to go and get a new one. Batteries Plus.
It's a NP7-12 and of course you need to go to a special battery store to get it. But I checked online, and with shipping, it'll be nearly the same price. So today we'll go pick one up and replace it. And for dinner yesterday, Craig made a delicious stew!

I should have taken a pic before he added the biscuits, but I didn't. He uses refrigerated dinner rolls instead of making dumplings. The main difference is after the stew is done cooking on the stove, you add the rolls and put in in the oven so they'll brown. And did I say they it was delicious?
And that's all I got for this morning!

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