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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The IKEA experience!

This is the IKEA experience post.....

We've been to a IKEA store in the Chicago suburbs before, and now they have one in Michigan. Near Detroit in Canton township.

Like I said, this place is enormous! It's so large with 2 floors, that they give you a map when you go in. You could easily spend the entire day here! And they even have their own restaurant!

Here's a picture of just one little section. This place has just about anything you need for furnishing your home, and all at really good prices.
We grabbed a couple of these colorful pillows for the couch in the mo-ho.

They even have complete kitchens set up with a one price for everything! Or you can also purchase things separately.
And this is what we came here to buy. They're called Poang Chairs.
We have this ratty old love seat in our TV/sitting room, and we really needed to replace it. Well, we wanted a leather one, but leather love seats are never on sale cheap enough, so these at $199 each with real leather cushions were a good find.
And you can mix and match to your desired style of wood and fabric. Fabric of course would be cheaper. The final price is determined by your selection.

But these chairs are for display only. You write down the number of each item you want and proceed to the warehouse section to pick it up.
Here's a board to help you find the area your chairs are in.
And with no difficulty at all, we find the bins quickly.
Now all the furniture they sell, are manufactured for easy shipping, which means they come broken down and in compact boxes. They will need to be assembled. But that's what helps keep the prices low. See, both these chairs fit snugly into Craig's Honda Accord's trunk.

And as soon as we get them put together, I'll get a pic of them in their new space.


  1. That looks like a neat store! We would get into so much trouble there.

  2. Ikea is awesome. I'm glad we moved to an area with one.

  3. Looks like an interesting place. I've never been, but I know some people swear by them. :)

  4. Hey! You were less then three miles away from us! Darn!