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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

we're back!!

Good morning.
We made it safely back from our first camping trip. We were originally scheduled to go to Proud lake recreation area. It was to open on March 26th. Well, thanks to Michigan's economy, they pushed it back to April 1st. So we had to scramble to find an alternate campground. And we did. We ended up at Detroit Greenfield campground. It actually ended up closer to the things we planned to do, although a little longer drive in the mo-ho.
Here's Craig in our campsite. The campground wasn't very busy, which is understandable since it was a bitter cold, windy weekend. But like I said, we always have a back-up itinerary, in case of bad weather. And for this trip, it meant shopping!

Our evening view....
So, Saturday morning, we headed over to IKEA! If you've never been to one and are going to be nearby, you really need to check it out. It's an enormous home furnishing store!

And we found just the things we wanted. But that's a separate post right after this one. Then after a tasty lunch at a nearby Chilli's, we went to a large Camping World store. They were having a spring 'sale'. We thought it would be fun to look at the new mo-ho's. Well, they had none. All they had were used. But we looked at a couple. One had a 3 zone living layout with 3 slides. A kitchen/couch slide, a dinette/closet slide, and a bed slide. I thought it would look small divided into 3 areas, but it really looked nicely laid out for only a 37 footer. The salesman was a real piece of work though, we discovered that the generator had been removed. He acted like he didn't know about it. They'll probably sell it to some poor soul who doesn't know what to look for and they'll be stuck paying for a new one. I have a fairly low respect for salesmen.

Anyway, with temps not even hitting 50 on Sunday, with a still cold north wind, we decided to take a short drive into downtown Detroit to, you guessed it, The Greektown Casino!

Now, you'll remember back in early January, we stayed here for Craig's birthday, and liked it well enough to come back. But this time, no expensive hotel room. Just good food, and slots, which I won at and Craig lost at, so we ended up close to breaking even. Not bad, and lot's of fun.

And we packed up Monday morning and headed back to Lansing, just in time for some decent weather to return. It got into the low 60's with calm winds and sunshine. But no trip is without an incident, and this one was no different. Craig arrived home first to move the car and truck so I could get the mo-ho in the driveway, and the truck was dead. So I parked across the street in the golf course parking lot. Put the charger on, and got enough charge in about 10 minutes to start and move the truck. Then put the charger back on for about another 30 minutes. Ever since I had that remote starter put on, I'm getting a battery drain. If I don't drive it at least once a week, the battery goes dead. I need to get around and take it back in sometime and get it fixed.

So anyway, I worked out side the rest of the afternoon, dividing and potting up another 37 plants for my big sale in June. I now have 149 so far, hopping to reach 300 before I'm done.

The new season has begun!


  1. Your campsite view was pretty! The 3 zone RV sounds interesting - no photos or model info?

  2. Very nice campsite. Glad you had a good first trip!
    Welcome back. :)

  3. Anonymous6:34 PM

    Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! There is a huge IKEA about 50 miles from the house in CA and it's a fun place to see and shop. It's hard to leave empty-handed!

    M&CinPalmSprings (almost)