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Sunday, April 04, 2010

It's over, and just begining

Yes, it's over...... Our Spartans lost last night to Butler. The battered, bruised, injury laden team just didn't have any more to give. But they had a terrific run, and the way Duke dismantled West Virginia, I'm thinking Duke will take it all tomorrow. They didn't play that well against the Spartans and Duke doesn't have all the injuries the Spartans did.
But anyway, thanks for the condolences.
I just got back from cleaning the Salon. Did I mention how much more work it is to clean the Salon since we increased our staff? But that's okay, it's more income too. :-)
And to help cheer me up form last nights game, it's the beginning of spring! And here's some pretty flowers currently blooming in the yard....

Nothing better than a beautiful spring day to wipe away the gloom!
Oh, and a Happy Easter to everyone!


  1. I'll be posting tons of flower photos soon from my recent trip to the botanical gardens. The video is taking me forever to create.

  2. You have some really unique varieties of daffodils. They are beautiful. I love the yellow one in the center photo.

  3. Phillip, it's called Rip Van Winkle. It's a miniture variety only about 6 inches tall.

  4. great looking flowers, Happy Easter!