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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday morning

Good morning.
It was a busy week in the Salon. And this morning I've already cleaned the Salon and came home and did an hour of weeding in the gardens until my fingers started to get numb. It's a cool, damp, 51 out. We got some rain during the night, but right now we're in a dry gap with more rain coming later. It's soo much easier to weed when the soil is moist. I did manage to pot up another 28 plants on Friday afternoon, which was our last sunny warm day for a while. I have just over 200 plants for my sale and several customers have dropped off more pots, so I'm in pretty good shape to hit my 300 mark. If the rain holds off, I'll try and do some more weeding later, otherwise, it'll be house cleaning.
And now I'm going to jump in the shower, and then wake up lazy bones. It is after 9 already!

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